[Numpy-discussion] Beginner Needing Help with Installation

I don't know why it would be trying to import zoneinfo since it doesn't seem to be a code directory, it just contains various data for timezone stuff. I'm CC'ing matplotlib-devel since that's really a matplotlib problem and not a Python or NumPy one.


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On 19-Nov-09, at 5:36 PM, Scot Denhalter wrote:

On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 2:46 PM, Eric Firing <efiring@...229...> > wrote:

You don't need a fortran compiler for numpy, even if you are building
from source; and you probably don't need to build from source. Did you
try the suggested binary packages for the Mac as listed on the nltk site?


Yes, I downloaded the files recommended on that webpage. The tar.gz files
unpack, but they do not install, and I am too much of a newbie to figure out
how to install the files in the unpacked folder. No matter where I placed
the numpy folder, I couldn't get Python 2.6 to find and install numpy.

Nevertheless, I did finally find .dmg downloads for numpy and matplotlib and
they installed without my having to get involved.

But when I run a dispersion_plot function, I get an error message from
Python, which I don't understand:

Warning (from warnings module):
line 91
   import pytz.zoneinfo
ImportWarning: Not importing directory
missing __init__.py

Python launches the dispersion plot in another window as it apparently
should, so why am I getting an error message? Perhaps, those of you who
program in Python can explain this to me.