note from 2018-03-19 call


On call, myself, Eric, Jody, Hannah, Ryan, and Antony.

- Ryan taking a summer student is heavy lift
- Ryan OK with BDFL-designate for units work

2.2.2 is out!

Discussion of colorbar overhaul
- big improvement, minor tweaks on log formatter minor ticks

Discussion of rcparams overhaul
- move to using python's import mechanism
- cwd import already wins
- use python's 'user install' to do user-level config
   - this is messier than we would hope
   - but can use `site.USER_SITE` to get the right path
   - can provide helper function to install template
- install to env / system level for global
- users can hack PYTHONPATH to put where ever they want
- can gracefully decay to use existing system on failure to import
   - go though no warning -> warn -> break cycle over 2 years
- module must provide function "apply_style(rc : RCParameters): -> None"
- styles would work the same way
- security concerns pushed back to "arbitrary code execution allows
   arbitrary code execution", if attacker can put this in the path,
   then they can modify other files in path.

Summer Student:
- proposed projects
   - write altair data structure -> Matplotlib plot
     - Hannah (primary) and Tom (backup) can mentor, try to reach out to
Brian and Jake
- details
   - 6k for 10 weeks
   - work from home remote
   - only take one student
- Questions for NF
   - can we pay international students?
   - what is eligibility requirements on student?
     - familiar with matplotlib, pandas, jupyter notebooks,
       python/scipy in general
     - plus if have used declarative plotting
   - what level of reporting do you want?
   - sort out how / where to advertise?
- rejected projects
   - Text / testing
     - sort out a way to make our tests independent of freetype version
     - freetype is already working on this
     - lots of discussion about different approaches to this
     - mentors?
   - write a statement of work
     - first goal is basic encoding
     - second goal is transforms
     - third goal is interactivity

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