not a valid aspect specification

How can I resolve this warning ?

    > /usr/lib64/python2.4/site-packages/matplotlib/
    > UserWarning: Bad val "free" on line #183 "image.aspect :
    > free # free | preserve" in file
    > "/home/nwagner/.matplotlib/matplotlibrc" not a valid aspect
    > specification warnings.warn('Bad val "%s" on line
    > #%d\n\t"%s"\n\tin file "%s"\n\t%s' % (

If you are a svn user, please read the devel list. If you are
reporting a bug against svn, please report your svn revision number in
a bug report. You have been reading and posting on maptlotlib and
scipy mailing lists long enough, and using cvs/svn versions of both
long enough, that you should know the drill by now.

Eric Firing has done excellent work in the last couple of days,
building on Mark Bakkar's earler work, in support of image and axes
with proper aspect ratio handling, under figure window resizes, etc.
He is not finished yet, and as he indicated on the devel list he has
not updated the CHANGELOG of API_CHANGES files yet because he is still
working out the final details.

The new default matplotlibrc.template file in svn, however, lists the
new valid options for this image.aspect parameter.