Non-orthogonal axis plots


I am required to do some contour or surface plots where the x and y axes are non-orthogonal. It might appear trivial because a non-orthogonal contour section is a part of the orthogonal coordinate system. But the problem is, for contour and surface plots with orthogonal coordinates we need a rectangular mesh. However if the mesh of datapoints are not rectangle we cannot use the contourf type functions. So a routine is required to be able to draw contours and surfaces for non-rectangular mesh (or non-orthogonal coordinate system).

Moreover the problem with not having a roitine for ternary plots (posted several times) is a special case of the aforesaid issue.

Thus I request the developers of matplotlib to develop a routine to address this problem.

Let me know your opinion at your earliest convenience.


Shankha Nag,
Doctoral Assistant
ME A1 398
Station 9
CH-1015 Lausanne
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