Hello, I am new in the list and new using matplotlib.

    > I am using matplotlib version 0.74

    > I want to write (in the title of a plot, for example) non
    > ascii characters like ? or ?, but I can't. Other problem
    > is writting mathtex expresions with normal text: I can't
    > put 'title(r"test $\lambda$")' because I don't see the TeX
    > character. I can write TeX characters only if I want to see
    > the symbols.

matplotlib-0.74 introduced unicode support in the *Agg and PS backends
-- see examples/

Strings with "embedded mathtext" like (r"test $\lambda$") are
currently not supported but this is listed on the goals page - You have to use
something like r"$\rm{test}\ \lambda$" currently. This is discussed
in the mathtext class documentation at

matplotlib0.81 introduced mathtext support using TeX proper, see and

Hope this helps!