News (well, almost) abour printing


     I talked to the wxPython guys, asking them what's up with the
printing problems. They were very helpful. They gave me a link to an
unofficial build and I installed it. And now the print framework works
just fine, and more importantly, I'm able to print directly from
PyPlot without problems. So it seems that I'll stick with PyPlot after
all. Even if I had to modify it quite a bit in order to add plot marks
and other things, and it's not even close to matplotlib when it comes
to features. It's not something I want to do, but I have to :frowning: If
anybody is interested, this is the link to the unnoficial wxPython

     Some API calls changed again ... unfortunately. But no too much.
     Hope this helps at least some of you. Again, thank you very much
for your help. I'll stick around here ... I'm sure that I'll find a
nice way to integrate matplotlib into my next product.