Newbie trying to install matplotlib on OS10.5

Moving (finally) to the matplotlib step. I had previously downloaded
wxPython2.8. My ubuntu-knowledgeable son helped me with the configure and
make install part or your instructions and everything now works fine: numpy
works as before, the wxPython examples work as they did before, and the
simple pylab plots work beautifully. E.g., double-clicking the .py file
opens up IDLE, I "run the module" and the sin wave magically shows up in a
new window. I couldn't be happier. Thank you for your help.
Question: What does ipython buy me?

If you like to work interactively from the python shell, ipython has
lots of nice features. It is pylab aware, so it makes some settings
for you automatically which make interactive mode work better -- it
also imports the pylab symbols. Beyond that, it has lots of features
like tab completion on python objects and files, unix file system
navigation (cd, pwd), the ability to run scripts from the command line
and have the variables from the scripts be placed into the interactive
namespace or vice-versa, very nice debugging w/o having to set break
points, and lots more....

btw, in a matter of 5 minutes my son installed wxpython and matplotlib on
his ubuntu machine and had the sin wave on the screen that took me a week to
get. :slight_smile:

glad to hear it is easy for someone!



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