Newbie trying to install matplotlib on OS10.5

import scipy

gave me this
Traceback (most recent call last):

ImportError: Need nose >=0.10 for tests - see

This is just an error in the testing framework. Apparently you need
to upgrade to nose 0.1 to run the tests. It looks like scipy built
and installed correctly since you could import it. If you want to run
the tests, go ahead and upgrade nose, but it is not essential.

Any thoughts? Since scipy did not seem to install correctly, I did not move
on to the matplotlib step. Can I move on to matplotlib without scipy?

Sorry I wasn't clear. This installation page is for building a
standard set of tools (MINS - matplotlib, ipython, numpy, scipy) we
use in a course we teach on scientific computing in python.
matplotlib does not require ipython or scipy (but you'll be glad you
have them!). You can proceed with the matplotlib build instructions.


PS, please always keep your replies on list rather than just replying to me.


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