Newbie question about show()

The show() function works fine. But newbies ...

1. There are two different toolbars that can be selected by '.matplotlibrc': "classic" and "toolbar2"
    I tried both and there is no "close figure" button. The only way I found to close the figure was to
    press the mouse in the window upper right corner.
    Is it possible to "customize" the toolbar icon menu?
2. How can I pre-assign a window size/position?
    When I issue the show() function the window position and size assume default values.
     How can I change these values?
3. When I issue the show() function, the window opens with the names "Figure 1", "Figure 2", etc
    How can I custumize the window name?
4. Is it possible to change the window attributes (eg., modal or not, enable/disable minimize)?

Thanks for the support.