New version problem

Hi, I wanted to compile a old matplot program with the new

    > matplotlib v0.54.2 but I get the error:

    > NameError: name 'get_current_fig_manager' is not
    > defined

    > the line of code is:

    > g_canvas = get_current_fig_manager().canvas

    > This use to work with matplotlib v0.53. I use pyGtk v2.0.

    > Start code: import pygtk pygtk.require('2.0') import gtk

get_current_fig_manager is definitely defined in matplotlib.matlab in
version 0.54.2. You need to make sure you do

  from matplotlib.matlab import get_current_fig_manager

before the call to

  g_canvas = get_current_fig_manager().canvas
and you should have no trouble. If you are still having trouble,
you'll need to post a complete code example.