new release?


John Hunter wrote:

I've done a fair amount of testing on the branch (0.91.3),
particularly looking at all the PDF and SVG output from backend
driver, and these backends are in the best shape I've ever seen them.
  I think we should take a crack at fixing these since the branch is
otherwise in such good shape that we could perhaps go a long time w/o
another maintenance release.

Before the branches and releases are all frozen for the foreseeable
future, I might mention a minor but long-lived bug that has been
around since at least the end of 2006... Please excuse me if this is
old news, as I haven't checked the archives recently for any progress
on this. I've noticed that the bug is still around in r5314 of trunk.

On Mac OS X (both Tiger and Leopard), there is a small misalignment
between grid lines and tick marks on the standard plot (as well as
loglog and semilog) with the PS backend. I did not check which one of
the lines is in the correct place. The problem does not occur with the
PDF backend.

I attach a ps and pdf file produced by the following snippet:

import pylab as pl

The pdf file is fine, but the ps file shows a misalignment. To view
this in Mac OS X, I used Preview (which converts the PS to PDF first).
To eliminate Preview as the problem, I also saved the file as an EPS
and used epstopdf from MacTeX to convert it for Preview. Viewed on
Linux with acroread, the PS file produced on the Mac also shows
misalignment (I haven't verified this recently).

The same code snippet produces no problems on Linux.

I realise this might not be a problem with matplotlib itself, but I'm
just curious if anyone picked it up and whether it is fixable before
the next release.

Ludwig (16.1 KB)

grid_misaligned_with_ticks.pdf (9.79 KB)