new matplotlib cookbook location

= What's going on? =

The Matplotlib cookbook is hosted at The backend software that hosts the website is being changed (from Plone to MoinMoin). This morning I converted the matplotlib cookbook, which is hosted at, for use with the new software. It is available at . (This URL to the new cookbook will change once the transition is complete.)

Unfortunately in the transition period, there will be 2 copies of the cookbook available online:
1) the shiny new cookbook at currently available at
2) the slow-to-edit and to-be-removed cookbook at

*Please make any changes to the new cookbook!*

= Further information =

I've been spearheading an effort to move the website to something more user-friendly. The goals were for the new site to be:
* more inclusive of the scientific-computing-using-python community rather than the those-using-scipy-the-package community
* easier (faster) for people to edit
* more visually pleasing. (aka better marketing)

The decision we took was to make the new website based on MoinMoin, the wiki engine available at .

= What you can do =

Please review the Matplotlib Cookbook in its new location. If you can correct any errors yourself, that would be greatly appreciated. If you just drop me an email, that's fine, too -- I'll try to fix it. We'd also appreciate any help and suggestions for the entire new website.


That's helpful.
A query:
has anyone implemented a nice SCATTERPLOT MATRIX
for an example or for variants see e.g.
Scatter Plot Matrix - NCSS
Scatter Plot Matrix )

Thank you,
Alan Isaac


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