new interface functions for LinearSegmentedColormap

After experimenting with colormaps for a while, I was able to make both
discrete (piecewise-constant) and continuous (piecewise-linear) colormaps
work. Although colormaps can be created directly using
LinearSegmentedColormap from the matplotlib.colors package, this is a
tedious and error-prone process. So, I compiled a set of three interface
functions. (I wrote two of these myself, and got one from the SciPy
website). The two functions that I wrote permit one to define a discrete
(piecewise-constant) and continuous (piecewise-linear) colormap directly via
a sequence of colors and a set of thresholds specified as lists. Each color
may be specified either via an RGB tuple or via an English color name known
to webcolors.name_to_rgb. I'm submitting this in the hopes that this
functionality will be incorporated into matplotlib.

There's one thing that I've not been able to resolve: When attempting to
display all defined colormaps using (attached), colormaps
that I've defined do not show up. So, it would appear that registering a
colormap makes it possible to access that colormap only if the name is known
to the program that wants to use it.


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