NetCDF input/output/plotting using Matplotlib w/ Basemap

Hi Zane,

This all seems to suggest to me, after a little poking around, that the
NetCDF file format would be good. I've managed to get SciPy and
Matplotlib and Basemap installed and apparently working together
happily... but I can't seem to find any "official" module within that
structure for writing NetCDF files. There are references to the old
Scientific.IO.NetCDF package, and I found something that had been
hanging around in the scipy.sandbox area... but which isn't there any
more. There's quite a list of Python interfaces to NetCDF on the
Unidata website... but they don't make any recommendations as to which
is "best".

If I'm going to be working within Matplotlib and Basemap and SciPy, does
anyone have a good recommendation for which NetCDF Python package to
use? Or issues I should consider?

I have been very happy with PyNIO. The main reason I choose this package was
that it has support for other formats as well (e.g. GRIB) and is actively developed
and has great support. The next version of it will also be open source if that

Another package which I have been looking at is netcdf4-python. The interface
seems very similar to that of PyNIO and it has some nice features that are
not present in the PyNIO package. I really like the features that are handling
Climate and Forecast convention specialities. These are date conversion utilities
(which I am using in combination with the PyNIO package) and automatic packing
and unpacking.

Hope this helps,