Need quicker text drawing


I'm using matplotlib and I'm writing a viewer for multiple sequence alignments (read: large matrices of uppercase characters). It's coming along nicely and matplotlib is a real charm to work with. Unfortunately, I may have run into a showstopper. I've tried all tricks I can think of, I've searched bugs and mail archives and googled, but to no avail. The text labels just don't render quickly enough for comfortable browsing.

The attached script illustrates my problem. Run it, and then resize the plot window to trigger a redraw and you'll see what I mean. The rendering is really slow.

I've also attached the output from "python --verbose-helpful".

Is there any way I can make this draw quicker? Am I doing this in a bad way? If so, what would be a good way?


verbose-helpful-output.txt (482 Bytes) (473 Bytes)