NavigationToolbar2TkAgg changes in v1.2.0 win32 py2.6?

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the source included in the v1.2.0 win32 py2.6 exe? However I suspect I may have misunderstood something w.r.t svn.

The short version is that some code using the TkAgg backend which used
stopped working when I upgraded from v1.1.

When I look in the svn browser
(which I assume is the current code?) I can see that in class
NavigationToolbar2TkAgg, _init_toolbar() does create
self.bsave etc.

However in the source I have from the download
, _init_toolbar()
is a lot shorter and doesn’t store the buttons as instance attributes.

Have I got confused or is something out of sync?



With no updates for the last couple of years? Try here: :wink:



On 4 July 2013 13:27, Brasier, Steve <Steve.Brasier@...1141...> wrote:

When I look in the svn browser here<>(which I assume is the current code?)