My suspects goes to ....

This is not what we recommend. Christoph builds the official win32
binaries for matplotlib and as he said, it is likely that whatever
problems you see now you would see in the official builds. That is
why we want to fix the problem now and not later. And it is why we
have both asked you to post a complete example that we can run that
replicates your problem. And I have asked you to run the code with
--verbose-helpful and post the entire output. You have *described*
what did or would happen but this is not the same as providing us with
the information we requested. There is a lot of output emitted by
verbose-helpful that will aid us in debugging your problem.

In case I am not being clear:

  * write a script that factors out stuff specific you your system
that we can run that exposes the problem. As often as not the bug is
in your code, not matplotlib, and we can't debug your code w/o seeing
it. Nor do we want to wade through 5000 lines of code that is
specific to your problem which we can't run. In the process of
simplifying your example to something that exposes the problem which
we can run, you will often find the problem yourself. A well-written
help query to the mailing list often solves the problem you are trying
to address. "It doesn't work and here is a snippet of my code" rarely

  * run the script as in 'python --verbose-helpful'

  * paste the output into the email in which you've attached the code.

Sorry to be blunt but this is the 4th email you have gotten from a
developer trying to help you and we have made no progress.

Finally, please respond to the existing threads rather than starting
new ones on the same subject as it makes it easier for developers who
are following the thread to do so, and it makes it possible for
archival services such as nabble to properly thread the conversation.



On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 9:35 AM, Ademir Francisco da Silva <Ademirfs_tln@...3194...> wrote:

Hello John ...,

I was thinking about our speech by email yesterday and I am not sure that
the problem is in that unofficial compilation I am really surmising about
those several changes in Python 2.7, anyway is worthy to verify
compatibility about matplotlib code( specifically widgets' module, please )
and the new version of the Python program.

You have asked me about to paste a output from my script of my systems when
I pass it in the verbose but in this case there no one, what really happend
is that my code( according my last email ) did not show widgets.Cursor
anymore and the widgets.Button have appeared but it is completely
inactivated, I mean it do not do nothing, whether my code is the same what
is this estrange behavior ???

I know, I know ..., I will wait for the official matplotlib's version for
win64_Py2.7, but ...