my matplotlib wishlist


I have a short "wishlist" of some features that I think should be implemented in matplotlib:

- More scatter symbols:
   I had submitted a patch some time ago that adds more scatter symbols ( there is, however, one scatter symbol which I think should be added: _points_. Especially in astronomy you sometimes want to show lots and lots of data-points in a scatter plot and point-like symbols are the only reasonable way to do this (-> supermongo can do this very nicely). I know, I can set the size of a marker to a very small number, but I have the feeling that a native point scatter symbol would be better/faster.

- Different "caps" for error-bars:
   It should be possible to draw different caps for the errorbars. People e.g. indicate upper or lower limits for errors by plotting an arrow-like caps; other symbols might also be useful !?

- Advanced legends:
   When trying to create a legend for a scatter plot, matplotlib only shows rectangular patches with the color of the scatter symbol. This is not very satisfying, especially for black&white printouts in publications when multiple symbols are chosen. e.g. triangles vs. squares. The legend should clarify what do triangles mean, what do squares mean. There is a scatter command, so the legend should properly handle a scatter plot - otherwise one could completely ignore scatter and only use the plot command.

Please don't misunderstand me - I really like matplotlib :slight_smile:
These are just some ideas which came into my mind these days. (Please tell me if I have missed some features that are already implemented in matplotlib :wink: )

Is there any chance that some of the above wished might be implemented?



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