multiplier and colorbar ticklabels

Hi matplotlib users:

Could you please help me with this?

I have created a map plot and a colorbar. For the colorbar I’ve used the format argument, supplying the following object as a value:

#format the colorbar tick labels
sfmt = ScalarFormatter(useMathText=True)
sfmt.set_powerlimits((-2, 2))

cb = colorbar(format=sfmt)

As you can see on the image below my text from the multiplier is overlapping with a top tick label. I would like to lift it a bit, is there an easy way?
I tried this, but it does not work, since after colorbar() the toffsetText does not contain the multiplier yet:

ax = [](
title = ax.offsetText.get_text()


I could, probably increase the width of the colorbar or decrease font size… But I like this width and the font size seems to be very readable.