Multiple Y Axis (how to embed in GTK?)

Hi happy matplolib users,

Very, very nice feature, this zooming functionality is perfect.
Thanks again to the matplotlib team for the great work.

I simply have one question:
How can I use this zooming key in my app. which is embedding matplotlib in GTK ?


2006/5/16, sophana <sophana@…970…>:


I made a patch on the sourceforge site that does what you need.

you can select which layer(s) you interact with (move/pan)

Daniel McQuillen wrote:

Hi everybody. Question about multiple Y axes…

I’ve seen a few posts regarding using the trick of laying one axes over
top of the other to simulate a second Y axis – as demonstrated in the
matplotlib example file

However, in the application I’m building, the user should be able to
select points (“outliers”) for either axis. With the current approach,
the user can’t select the bottom graph’s points (or pan or zoom it).

Is there a way to bring the bottom graph into “focus”?

Thanks in advance for any tips.


Daniel McQuillen

Oakland, CA