multiple figures interactively

Thanks much! But, it didn't help. The second figure got still really
slow and closes right away after it finishes drawing not giving enough
time to me to see the figure. Then, it crashed for the third one. Any

Young Jin


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This might help you it destroys the whole window:
and then you open it again with show
Lee, Young-Jin wrote:


I 'm writing a python program that draws figures one by one
interactively with the user's input in dos mode. Basically, I give the

program a decision after each figure and then it draws the next one.
After the first figure, it got very much slowed down for the second
one and crashed for the third one. I feel like it has some memory
issues as I keep using 'show' after I close each. I used 'clf()'
before I draw a new one, but it doesn't seem to help. Any idea?


Young Jin



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