import issues

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to build a distribution directory for a wxpython app that integrates matplotlib.
I want to give the user all the packages that he/she needs without them having to install anything.
I was able to do this successfully on windows by using py2exe.
However, when on Unix I have ran into trouble.
When I try to include the numpy package, I get the following ImportError: undefined symbol: _Py_ascii_whitespace

It seems that this symbol is defined in unicodeobject.h but I could be wrong.
Is there I library I should include or am I missing something else.

Thanks for you help,

PS. I'm setting up the distribution on an Ubuntu 10.10 machine.
I have Python2.6 installed as well as the latest versions of all packages (matplotlib,numpy).
The distribution package I'm building should run with python2.5