mplcursors 0.2 release

Dear all,

I am please to announce the release of mplcursors 0.2.

# Description

mplcursors provides interactive data selection cursors for Matplotlib.

Features include a callback system allowing full customization of the
actions when data selection is triggered, and the ability to add a data
selection cursor to any preexisting program using Matplotlib by just
setting the MPLCURSORS environment variable, without changes to the
source code.

# Changelog from mplcursors 0.1 to mplcursors 0.2

- Updated dependency to matplotlib 2.1 (2.0 gives more information about
  orientation of bar plots; 2.1 improves the handling of step plots).
- Setting `MPLCURSORS` hooks `Figure.draw` (once per figure only) instead of
  ``, thus supporting figures created after the first call to
- Automatic positioning and alignment of annotation text.
- Selections on images now have an index as well.
- Selections created on `scatter` plots, `errorbar` plots, and `polar` plots
  can now be moved.
- `PathCollection`\s not created by `plt.scatter` are now picked as paths,
  as collections of points.
- `Patch`\es now pick on their borders, not their interior.
- Improved picking of `Container`\s.
- In hover mode, annotations can still be removed by right-clicking.


Antony Lee
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