MPL with PyQt: different behavior on Windows vs. Linux

Thanks John. This doesn’t seem to be the cause of my problem, but I appreciate the correction. I wasn’t aware that this was such bad practice. I guess it is better to import numpy and matplotlib functions separately then?
Thanks again


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Thanks John. I hope you aren’t receiving this reply twice (my email kicked
me out when I hit send). I actually am importing pylab so it isn’t an
entirely qt app. I didn’t post all of the code originally b/c it is long
(and it would reveal how poor of a programmer I am :slight_smile: ), but here are the
relevant sections. The problematic section is in blue. Please let me know
if you need anything else.

Importing pylab or pyplot into a GUI app is simply not supported.
There is never a reason to do it, and it is fraught with perils. I
don’t know if this has anything to do with the problem you are
experiencing, but you need to remove these imports before we can