mpl UML?


> One of the things I'm trying to figure out is whether I can build
> a graphic in "reverse order". �The standard M.O. seems to be to


Certainly things like lines, collections can be added to existing axes
(and don't need one around to be created). This is actually what's
used under the hood. You *should* also be able to create an axes
object and then set its figure, but I've never personally done it.

What you really want to look at are a lot of Axes methods:

I did spend a couple of hours looking at the code, and there are a few
places where the child components do depend on data/methods in the parent
container, even though the "child" objects can be created without the
parent; I'm about 80% sure that there are no guards against calling those
child methods without a parent, so it seems safer to rework my model to
use the top-down approach.

Perhaps I'll find some time soon to learn enough to create some unit tests that
confirm/refute the above, and if true I'll file some bugs.


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