MPL testing: the last failing test on the buildbot and future ideas


I'm hoping to elicit the help of a developer who can fix the last
remaining failing test on the Mac buildslave. In a nutshell, there looks
to be a regression with the interaction between Axes.autoscale_view()
and the xunits kwarg of Axes.plot(). I have posted a bug report at

I'd like to ask for a bit of help fixing this one, because I'd then like
to work on a few more things, which I think will be easier (mentally, at
least), if we have all tests passing on at least one platform.

* borrow (and maybe extend) scipy's known failing test decorator so that
known issues don't elicit test failures. (E.g. font placement
differences between Ubuntu and Mac OS X. see
for more info.)

* automatically send notifications to somewhere (to where?) when tests
start failing

* write documentation for developers and patch submitters describing how
to write unit tests for MPL -- both image based and more traditional kinds.

* get my Windows virtual machine doing this same dance

* automatically upload daily builds of binaries for Win and Mac

* adding more machines to the buildbot system

Of course, I'm happy to help if anyone wants to contribute to these or
other ideas. I plan to slowly chip away at this stuff over the coming
weeks and months.