mpl returns wrong revision number

I installed svn r4071. `svn info <working copy>` and
`svnversion <working copy>` report the correct rev number. But

$ ipython -pylab

In [1]: matplotlib.__version__
Out[1]: '0.90.1'

In [2]: matplotlib.__revision__
Out[2]: '$Revision: 3975 $'

If I'm right, this is because in matplotlib/
__revision__ = '$Revision: 3975 $'
which is the last rev where *this file* changed. Shouldn't
matplotlib.__revision__ report the latest global revision number?
Like that:

import subprocess as su
p = su.Popen('svnversion <path/to/working copy>',
             shell=True, stdin=su.PIPE, stdout=su.PIPE)
revnr =
print revnr



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