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Jouni K. Sepp�nen <jks@...278...> writes:

FAIL: no_testCreateLocaltime (test_tzinfo.LocalTestCase)

Any info provided on this failure?

AssertionError: '2004-10-31 02:00:00 AMT+0020' != '2004-10-31 02:00:00 CET+0100'

That test has a comment "It would be nice if this worked, but it
doesn't." and I guess its name begins with "no_test" to avoid being run
as a test, but "nosetests" when run in the matplotlib root directory
picks it up nevertheless. That module is not listed in
matplotlib.default_test_modules, so I guess this failure doesn't occur
when tests are run via matplotlib.test().

So that particular failure was a false alarm.


Jouni K. Sepp�nen