MPL linestyles and plot markers

Dear ALL,

Searching the MPL online documentation, I just found out that plot
linestyles can also be represented as a string (legal string values
are 'solid'|'dashed'|'dashdot'|'dotted'). So, I would like to ask you
gentlemen if such string representation is also available for plot
markers (I could not find this in the docs and so I am afraid it is
not) ?

Also, using linestyles in the conventional way (as single characters),
the docs are not very clear as what is what, so in linestyles = ['_',
'-', '--', ':'] is the underline character ('_') representing a solid
line? But in this case, what is the '-' character representing? An so
on... In my application, either "-", "--" (dotted?) and "-." (dash
dotted?) show solid lines and only ":" (dotted) works as expected,
showing a dotted line.

I am aware that this might, perhaps, be answered by trial-and-error in
the interactive prompt, but in my opinion if one can find the needed
information in the docs, this saves a lot of time with these tests
that sometimes are too much.

Thanks in advance for any hints and tips.

Best regards,


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