mpl 1.5.1 tagged + currently active branches

Hey folks,

I have tagged 1.5.1, but will hold off a wider announcement + rebuilding
the webpage until all of the wheels are built. The mac wheels are built by
travis and should be done already but we did not back-port the appveyor
setup to the 1.5.x branch so we are still relying on Christoph Gohlke.

I am not sure the status of conda-forge for auto-built conda packages.

For branches, our currently active branches are:

  - 1.5.1-doc: documentation (rst files and examples) only
  - 1.5.x: critical bugs. This is a hedge against needing to do a 1.5.2
  - 2.x: style changes + any new features required to make the style
changes work
  - master: almost anything can go in. We are holding off on traitlets +
the GUI refactor just a bit longer in case we run into any other major
problems on 2.x (to avoid a potentially really messy merge).

A big thanks to everyone who reported bugs or provided fixes for this

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