mpl 0.99 and py2exe

"Werner F. Bruhin" <werner.bruhin@...185...> writes:

I am getting errors "TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +=:
'NoneType' and 'str'" in mlab.pyo after py2exe'd my application.

I think this has been fixed on the trunk for good, by changing all
docstring modifications to use decorators (defined in that
check for nonexistent docstrings. The changes are perhaps too big to
apply on the 0.99 branch.

I changed it to:
if psd.__doc__ is not None:
    psd.__doc__ = psd.__doc__ % kwdocd
    psd.__doc__ = ""

Above is a bit of a hack, if someone can suggest how to correct this in
a way which would get accepted as a patch I would search all modules
correct them.

I think either this or something like

    psd.__doc__ = psd.__doc__ and (psd.__doc__ % kwdocd)

should be acceptable as a bugfix.


Jouni K. Sepp�nen