mpl 0.84 segfaults with WXAgg backend

I can only add that for me the crash appears only in

    > ipython on OS X with this particular font. It is in the
    > set_text function and after I added print statements it
    > went away. From reading the mailing list and when other
    > people get crash, it seems that the only common thing is
    > the font - Vera.ttf.

    > Is there a way to tell matplotlib what font to use?

Paul did add support for this when writing the font manager.
You should be able to do, eg

  from matplotlib.font_manager import FontProperty
  prop = FontProperty(fname='/path/to/somefont.ttf')
  xlabel('some text', fontproperties=prop)

Since you said the crash went away when you added a print statement,
my guess is that there is a bad pointer haunting us in the font module
that is cropping up (or not) in different contexts. If you get
any more information, let us know.