mouse events and plotting many points dynamically


I am following this mailing list for a while now
and considering to convert to matplotlib at some point.
Whether this is feasable depends on the following two points:

1) I would like to know if there is an equivalent to the
   scipy.xplt.mouse command which (in its simplest form)
   waits for a mouse click and returns its coordinates:



from scipy.xplt import *
m=mouse(1,-1,"click with the mouse")
print "x,y=",m[0],m[1]

   John's reply
   shows that it is possible to connect mouse events with functions.
   However, that code depends on the back-end and is not as
   short as the above one (though more flexible, of course ;-).

2) For one set of applications I would like to be able to plot
   several times 1000 points (or more).
   Optimally would be to plot one point after another
   to get a dynamical impression.
   In the application I have in mind there would be no
   need to store these points (ie zooming is not necessary)
   which normally degrades performance.
   Presently for me the solution for this type of things
   is our PlottingCanvas for wxPython, see
   and there the example.

   (this is not to advertise this, but just that you
    get an idea of what I have in mind.
    In the code there are couple of tricks to speed things up).

   In the end I would be happy to dump our PlottingCanvas
   in favour of matplotlib!