more outdated/unhelpful documentation and installation issues on Mac OS X 10.4

Hi again,

At under topic OS X:

   "All of the backends run on OS X. Chris Barker has built a binary package (fink users see below) for matplotlib which is hosted on pythonmac, and works with Agg, Wx and Tk; see the step-by-step instructions kindly provided by Michael Tobis."

note that the step-by-step link leads to:

   Under revision. Please come back soon.



It is because I've had some installation troubles that I have been looking at the OS X install info so closely.

For instance: originally I tried to use macports for all python site-packages-related installs (as well as using their python24). The ONLY backend that seems to work thru that route is WxAgg ( corroborates this). I was able to achieve results w/backend WxAgg and numerix Numeric. However, when I tried to change the toolbar to classic, WxAgg crapped out.

W/MacPorts, I've been able to get the TkAgg backend to work, but _NOT_ with numerix set to Numeric. Success was only achieved w/TkAgg when numerix was set to Numpy. When I try the WXAgg backend (along w/the pythonmac wxPython dmg for python 2.4), a simple plot([1,2,3]) craps out with:

exceptions.MemoryError Traceback (most recent call last)
---> 63 self.bitmap = _convert_agg_to_wx_bitmap(self.get_renderer(), None)
      64 if repaint:
      65 self.gui_repaint()
MemoryError: _wxagg.convert_agg_to_wx_bitmap(): could not create the wx.Bitmap