mkpg on OSX

I did the following and now matplotlib 0.99.0 rc2 runs fine on my home computer:

  • I reverted my site-packages to its state before running the matplotlib-0.99.0.rc2-py2.5-macosx10.5.mpkg installer
    (I had saved a zip file just in case anything went wrong)
  • I found I had numpy 1.2.1 installed, so I upgraded to 1.3.0
  • I found I had some version of pytz and dateutil installed, so I deleted them (in case there was a conflict with the versions matplotlib wanted to use)
  • I ran the matplotlib-0.99.0.rc2-py2.5-macosx10.5.mpkg again (from a dmg that I’d created)

Now it all works!

I hope that numpy was too old, since I don’t see how the other changes could possibly be relevant.

By the way: the ReadMe in the matplotlib Mac binary installer is for the source distro, and so not very relevant to the Mac installer. If and when you have time I suggest writing one for the Mac. Relevant info includes:

  • which back ends are supported in this build
  • minimum required versions for wxPython (if using wxAgg), numpy, Tcl/Tk, GTK (if relevant), etc.

I will send you the file I used to use when I built a matplotlib installer. bdist_mpkg has a --readme flag or you can just copy it manually, overwriting whatever it put in there. Please feel free to do as you like with the file; I have no proprietary feelings about it.

Thank you very, very much for making the installer and being willing to work on the Tcl/Tk crash. It’s great that you have figured out an automated way to build it that works and supports Tcl/Tk. My process was manual and rather a pain (copying object libraries into /usr/local/lib, bdist_mpkg, removing the libraries again…).


– Russell


On Aug 5, 2009, at 3:27 AM, John Hunter wrote:

On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 11:04 PM, Russell Owen<rowen@…270…> wrote:

Thank you very much. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. Trying to import
pylab results in a bus error (I appended the log in case it has anything
useful in it).

My configuration:

  • Intel Mac
  • MacOS X 10.5.7
  • Python 2.5.2 (in /Library/Frameworks… from
  • Tcl/Tk 8.4.19 (in /Library/Frameworks… from ActiveState)
  • this occurs with or without a ~/.matplotlib/matplotlibrc file (that uses
    TkAgg) and with or without a ~/.matplotlib directory at all
    I have confirmed that Tkinter works fine.\

Can you create a small test script that creates an mpl figure and
saves it with savefig, and run it with

python -dTkAgg

python -dWXAgg

python -dAgg

python -dmacosx

and let me know if all segfault, and if not, which ones do?