Minor irritations installing on Mac OSX

Incidentally, two minor updates to the CVS version of

    > backend_wx:

Hi Jeremy, good to hear from you. I'm glad you finally got all your
computer troubles sorted out.

Your install notes for OS X would actually be useful to others if
sourceforge could get their act together and actually archive the
lists (last archived entries early April - guess it's time for another
support request).

FYI, there are two places you should update after making CVS changes.
One is CHANGELOG, which miraculously, all the developers have been
good about updating, and the other is htdocs/goals.txt, which is a
kind of poor-man's structured text that is incorporated into the web
page http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/goals.html so users can see
what is going on with their latest feature requests and bug fixes. I
know that the 2 you fixed were on there so it would be good to update
that page.