I have gone through and assigned a milestone to every open issue and PR.

The rough filter I used was 1.4.x if it was a bug I thought could be
fixed in a back-compatible way and to 1.5.x if it was a new feature or
something that I thought would require a good deal of work to fix. I
tagged the 'change the default colors' an 2.0 so it was someplace.

I suspect that we have more feature requests than we can get done in
the near future, particularly if the plan for 1.5 is going to stay
working on the semantic/high level plotting objects. I suspect that
we should make a 1.x to for feature requests that we do not want to
commit to getting done.

Please re-milestone anything you think I got wrong and apply
milestones to new issues/PRs as they come in.



Thomas Caswell