memory leak in matplotlib wxApp?

Hello, sorry to bother you but I did not find a reply

    > elsewhere, I am using matplotlib with python 2.4 and
    > windows XP and it is a really nice tool. It is inside a
    > wxapplication. I have a problem because the user can
    > change the graph settings as he wants and draws several
    > times contours from 50 by 200 matrices. After some time
    > the program slows down and the memory is increasing
    > regularly. I don't understand because I use a command
    > similar as in matplotlib clear command : collections=[]
    > between each drawing. I tried in a simpler way : just
    > start matplotlib(even in tk mode), make a plot(x,y) with
    > x=randn(100,100). First it takes a lot of memory (more
    > than 50 Mb). And when you clear hte figure the meory
    > remains high, or when you set holds(False) and make a
    > simple plot the first plot disappears but the memory is
    > still high. Do you have any idea Thanks a lot Sincerely
    > O. Atteia

Hey Olivier, questions should go to the matplotlib-users mailing
list. I'm forwarding this on. You can subscribe at