Memory leak - canvas.draw() + pyqt4

Memory leak - canvas.draw() + pyqt4

Hi, my name is Stoyan.

I use the following packages: python 2.6 , PyQt 4.8.5-1, numpy 1.6 and matplotlib 1.0.1. In my program Matplotlib library I have used a GUI application created by "PyQt". In the program there is a loop that updates a graph by calling:


But every time the graph is updated, the memory usage goes up.I the address listed bellow there is an explanation of the reason for the issue however, even though

I have followed all instructions that have been specified in link,there is still a flaw in the programme due to a memory leak, though not a big one.

I wondere whether there is alternative way to discharge this leak of memory and if so could you assist in solving it.