Meeting minutes 2015-11-16

Weekly matplotlib meeting

In attendance: Michael Droettboom, Thomas Caswell, Eric Firing, Jens Nielsen

We spent the call going over the effects of the proposed style changes for
2.0. (mdboom/style-change branch)

- Size of grid lines may be too thin. Need to experiment there.

- Tick lines should be shorter. They interfere badly with minus signs,
particularly when on the right hand side y-axis. They can run into other
subplots when close together.

- Various things were broken by turning of edgecolor for all patches
(including unfilled ones)

- We should use Vega category 10 colors for the color cycle, rather than
ColorBrewer Dark2. The former is slightly better for color-blindness,
though nothing is really great in that regard.

- The errorbar arrows don't look right when the errorbar line width is
increased. We could use arrowheads that are centered around the base
rather than the tip to get around this.

- The number of ticks should be relative to the length of an axis, not
fixed as it is now [#5488]

- It would be really nice to easily specify a color that comes from the
color cycle in the currently active style. We proposed a string syntax of
`[n]` where `n` is the index in the color cycle. This could be used as
`plot(x, y, '[1]o-')` for example. [#5489]

- The new default mathtext that uses DejaVu is nice as it's consistent with
all other text, but has some ways in which it is not as legible as Computer
Modern. In particular, the integral sign is way too small. Placement and
size of sub/superscript isn't great, but could probably be tweaked fairly
easily. [#1097]

- We need Numpy datetime dtype support. [#1097]

- It was noted that the fact that we do image interpolation in RGB space

- We decided that we probably don't need to address [#1099] about scatter
marker size scaling for 2.0. However, as we think about generalizing the
color map norms we have now to apply to other dimensions, that would be a
good solution to that problem.

- The example is now handled internally and should be
removed. [#5491]

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