Maximized vs non-maximized output

Thanks for the reply, Darren.

I didn't post the plot because I don't know if the list accept email attachments, and I don't have any space on the web for file sharing.

I'll try to figure out a way to post the plots.

BTW: I called savefig with the filename, and a dpi of 600 and nothing else. May be that was the problem.



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> Hi list,
> I am still fairly new to Matplotlib.
> If I use the default settings, after creating a plot, and save the
> file, I get a .png file that looks really ugly. However, if I view
> the plot at the screen first (using the show() command),
maximized the
> plot, and then save the file, I get a very nice looking
.png file. If
> I am doing lots of plots, obviously I don't want to have to
sit there
> and view each and every plots, maximize, save, ...
> How can I accomplish this in batch mode?

We could probably be of more help if you posted examples of
your "ugly"
and "nice" pngs. For now I'll take a guess: maybe what you
are seeing is an
effect of the resolution and figure size? You can pass a dpi
kwarg to the
savefig command, or you can set it in your rc settings. Also,
you can set the
figure size by doing "figure(figsize=(x,y))", or you can
change the default
figure size in your rc settings. How does your postscript
output look? That
format would not be influenced by resolution.


John Henry