Hi All, I had problens to use the function quiver with

    > the matplotlib 82-5. Eric advice me to upgrade the
    > mpl. I have tried to upgrade the matplotlib but i have
    > to upgrade almost all my libs. The case is that i can
    > not upgrade these dependences without affect all my
    > configuration wich means that i need to install my
    > system again. Am i correct? If yes, What linux do you
    > advice for me? Does anybody see another way to upgrade
    > my mpl? Thanks

With a proper debian configuration, this should be as easy as

sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib

If can't do this because your debian distro is too old or because you
are not properly using debian package management, you may consider
getting a newer distro (ubuntu is a debian distro that is current and
popular with scientific python users and developers) and/or spending the
time to get a smoothly functioning apt configuration so you can
upgrade painlessly and w/o fear.