Hi, i saw the link to matplotlib on the python url today,

    > and although i dont use matlab i do use gnuplot for alot
    > of cosc stuff i do at uni. `problem' is im getting a mac,
    > so i might be keen to help port to a cocoa backend. i cant
    > garuntee anything, but if others offer to help, i will see
    > if i can throw my support in.

Hi Andrew,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I didn't see your email
until today when I was sorting through some old mail.

I don't know anything about cocoa but if you are familiar with it and
want to do a backend, by all means! There may be a couple of
alternatives, though. pygtk has been ported to os x and there is a
fink package in the unstable distribution If you would like
to be the crash test dummy for the gtk backend on OS X, by all means.
Please let us know what you learn.

The other alternative is to use the wx backend, which was released in
alpha version with matplotlib-0.32 and should be fairly polished in a
couple of weeks. wxpython now works on OS X - If you decide to go
this route, please report any bugs that are not listed in the KNOWN
BUGS section of the matplotlib/backends/ to
matplotlib-devel mailing list. As you may know, wx uses native GUI
widgets on the target platform and so should have the look and feel of
a Mac window.

You may want to consider joining the mailing lists -

John Hunter