matplotlib window not responding in windows

I’m trying to run a program that plot experimental datas during measurement (to check if experiment is okay). I started doing directly measuring one point and plotting it

import matplotlib

from pylab import *

while cond:
plot(X[-1:],Y[-1:],“o”) #plot data point

  1. with ipython, the graph stays hidden by the ipython window
    lauching by direct double click, it is okay plot is not hidden but after 2 click on the plotting window, it freezes or if I try to move the window, it does not move then the plot window is “not responding” anymore.

I thought I would solve this using a seperate thread for the plot. I tried but no chance

class update_plot(threading.Thread):
def run(self):
global X,Y,end

    while end!=1:

I’ve seen the FAQ and some few mails in the list, I didn’t really get the way to solve this problem ?

If not possible, maybe I could look for other options for plotting but I wouldn’t like. I’m pretty much accostumed to matplotlib (usually working on linux were there is not that problem or limitation).

At first glance the only matplotlib example that works OK is

I think I shall learn a bit of wxpython and adapt for my case?