[Matplotlib-users] status of 3d plotting

I was not aware that my TextWithDash refactor had broken anything. Is this
something I should look into?



On Wednesday 24 May 2006 08:58, John Hunter wrote:

    > But, after fixing all these problems, I still can't get it
    > to plot. It might be worth including surface.py in the
    > examples directory, as a test, to guarantee that the 3D
    > code gets updated with the rest.

    > It could be that I am missing something completely obvious
    > -- I'd appreciate any help in getting it running!

This code is known to be broken (and never worked). John Porter's
code originally worked as an add-on module to matplotlib. Since then
TextWithDash has been refactored which broke mplot3d. I've been
planning to refactor the code to make it work internally, eg like the
rest of pylab, but haven't gotten it done yet.


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