[Matplotlib-users] setting font weight via rc


It looks to me like you have stumbled on either a bug or a feature--and I think it is the former--so I have moved this over to the devel list.

The code for handling font defaults in FontProperties is tricky, and I am not sure I understand it correctly. It looks like it is setting up defaults in the FontPropertiesSet class, and those defaults should be effectively pointers to the corresponding rcParams values. (They are single-element lists.) However, it looks like this clever scheme is being subverted by all the set_* methods of FontProperties, which are called when the instance is initialized, and which seem to be discarding (via the pop method) all of the initial values--the pointers.

Most likely I am missing something, and it will be more efficient if someone closer to this part of the code can take a look and enlighten me, or fix the problem, or explain why this is a feature and not a bug.


Lev Givon wrote:


Using matplotlib 0.91.2 with the current development version of
ipython on Linux with no local matplotlibrc file, I have noticed that
setting the font weight via




changes the relevant rc parameter but doesn't affect the weight of the
displayed fonts used in the axes or titles. Specifying the weight in
matplotlibrc does work, however. Has anyone else observed this?


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