[Matplotlib-users] Re: pdf backend

Steve Chaplin wrote:

Using the latest cairo (git), pycairo (cvs) and matplotlib (svn) and
running examples/simple_plot.py I get a 22K PDF file. But when I try to
view it with evince and xpdf I get "unable to open document" type

This is just a shot in the dark, but I've been playing with pycairo a bit, and found that you need to make sure to call:


When you're done with the rendering. I had similar symptoms before I did that.


What are your plans regarding Cairo and the future of rendering for MPL? I'm in the need of alpha blended rendering for wxPython stuff, so I've been looking at Cairo and Agg. Agg is a great solution for really nice rendering, but Cairo has the promise of supporting everything else I need, like PDF for instance.

Now that Mozilla seems to be adopting Cairo, it might even live up to the promise of a fully cross-platform solution. If so, it would be great to develop a really general purpose, robust, numpy-aware, pythonic interface for it.



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