[Matplotlib-users] Plot a graph using matplotlib.pyplot

Hi, do you remember me? You help me days ago, and i wanna that you help me
again if you don't mind.
The code below is for plotting the graphs on my screen, but the
visualization still not as expected.
The axis-y is composed of words relatively larges, and the figure ends up
cutting the words.
The colors are not yet intuitive to understand.
I would like that you give me some tips, help, guidance on how to improve
the presentation of this result.
Basically, with Pandas, i read a csv file, made up of several columns, among
which I get the colum 'estado_fisico' and ploting in the graphic.

def Condutor_estadofisico():
    fig = plt.figure(figsize=(4, 10))
    df_condutor = pd.read_csv('df_condutor.csv')
    x = df_condutor['estado_fisico'].value_counts().index
    y = df_condutor['estado_fisico'].value_counts().values
    a = plt.barh(x, y, color=colors, alpha=0.9)
    plt.legend(a, x, fontsize=4.8)
    for i, v in enumerate(y):
        plt.text(v + 3, i + .25, str(v), color='blue', fontweight='bold',
    return fig



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