[Matplotlib-users] Missing dll in windows build 0.87.4

Try this. If you are still getting an error, please post it. I am
moving this to the devel list.

        if sys.version[:3] > '2.3':
            if libraries:
                pass #libraries.append('msvcr71')
                libraries = #['msvcr71']

The other option is to bundle that dll with matplotlib. I have seen
other python modules doing this.

- Charlie


On 7/24/06, Chris Fonnesbeck <fonnesbeck@...149...> wrote:

On 7/23/06, Charlie Moad <cwmoad@...149...> wrote:
> The mingw/2.4 build still works. There are instructions at the top of
> the setupext.py file. The dll linking error you are getting is
> something we ran into a lot. If you have numpy installed distutils
> will use the numpy\distutils\mingw32ccompiler.py file. In the
> Mingw32CCompiler class remove all links to "msvcr71". In my version
> of numpy just comment out the whole if block at line 127.

I tried commenting out that very block, but then numpy will not build
-- it does not see the mingw32 compiler without those lines, it
appears. I used the --compiler switch on the build, but to no avail.

I'm a bit stuck here, as matplotlib does not build, and the binary
does not seem to work. I'm trying to put together a package that
contains numpy, matplotlib and scipy to distribute to some of my