[Matplotlib-users] Matplotlib plotting performance

What is your hold state? In your test function you may want to make
sure you are not repeatedly adding data to the same figure. Eg

p1.plot(something, hold=False)

repeated calls to plot where hold is True can cause significant
slowing... In mpl hold is True by default and in matlab it is False by
default but you can set the default as an Axes property or in your rc



On 7/5/07, Tom Denniston <tom.denniston@...242...> wrote:

Oops that was the TKAgg profile results. These are the WxAgg results
attached. Sorry about that.

On 7/5/07, Tom Denniston <tom.denniston@...242...> wrote:
> I've been trying to profile and speed up an app that uses matplotlib.
> I tried to write an example using simple pylab commands to reproduce
> the slowness. What I found was I could get a huge speedup just
> avoiding unnecessary redraws. I'm down now to passable behavior.
> Plotting 6 series in two windows takes about one and a quarter
> seconds. I would like to improve this further, however, if it is
> possible which is why I am posting.